If you have an item you need or a model you have found but cannot print yourself then get in touch. We custom design and print items to suit your requirements in various plastic types and colours. Contact us to discuss making your ideas a reality!

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Custom designed models
This was originally a 3D graphic used within our Indie game 'Iridium'. A limited run of 16 3D printed models were produced for the top Kickstarter backers. It took a lot of editing to make it into a 3D model that would print without errors. The end result when printed using Shiny Gold PLA has exceeded my original expectations.

Design service available

Commodore Amiga A1000
This was an interesting project a friend asked me to help with. He had an empty Amiga A1000 case and wanted to mount a modern PC inside it without damaging the original case which had seen better days. I produced a custom front part as well as a completely redesigned back plate and side expansion cover. Once he had the parts, he painted them so they matched the original colour.

I have also made a version of the back plate that fits the original Amiga A1000. It prints as 2 parts which are then glued together as it is larger than my print bed.

£16 + P&P for a replacment for the original A1000 (many are damaged)

Seed planting templates
Printed in white PLA (other colours are available). These are made to fit the B.E.F pots however other pot types and hole patterns can be produced.

Small £1.80, Medium £2.00, Large £2.20 or a set of 3 for £5.
Prices do not include P&P or the pots themselves

Tic removal tool
These are an essential item if you walk through long grass. The examples are printed in various colours using PLA plastic.

£1 each or a set of 5 for £3. Prices do not include P&P

Gotek Floppy Drive emulator mounting
There are many different versions of this bracket to fit a huge variety of retro computer systems This one was made for an Amiga A500 and printed in silver PLA+ plastic.

£10 + P&P

Retro themed desktop storage pot
If like me you had a Commodore Amiga (or Atari ST etc) then unless you sold it years ago you will have a collection of old disks hidden away collecting dust.
These desktop storage pots allow you to displaying your old retro 3.5" floppy disks as well as being a very practical item.

£5 + P&P. Please note that this does NOT include the four 3.5" floppy disks

Custom chair feet
These feet were added to a chair whose originals had worn away leaving the bare metal tubes visible. By adding these feet the chair can be used without worrying about damaging the floor under it.

£5 for a set of 4 + P&P

Custom FPGA MiSTer keyboard case
This case is an adaption of a design originally made by 'Juri Fossaroli'. The case pictured has been modified to fit the custom IO board by 'Antonio Villena'. I am working on a new original design house the 'MiSTer PLUS'

Personal protective equipment
This shows some of the PPE which I made and donated to the NHS during 2020. It was all made using PETG filament so that it could be cleaned, sterilised and reused.

Custom Toilet paper holder
This custom designed toilet paper holder attaches to the towel radiator and is a huge space saver. It was printed using PETG filament so that the temperature of the rqadiator would not effect its use.